Master Of Jam Part V


After the huge success of his Previous releases, Vilante took a break from touring and went back to resetting mode as he puts it. “ I just wanted to get away from everything for a while and press the reset button. Over the years my body and my mind had taken a toll from all the sleepless nights trying to achieve perfection.” So, he took a break from all the spotlights and when into what he calls “Soul cleansing.” After two year break from all the hypes, he emerged once a gain to pursue the next release, MOJ V.  To start things off, Vilante did a remake of one of the most recognizable tunes of the 80s, “Play at your own risk”. Once again, it was easy to distinguish his style of blending melodic tones with rich etheric ambience. As one of the music directors for a local popular radio stations in Los Angeles puts it, “as soon as you hear the song you know right away it probably came from him. He just has that knack for grabbing your attention with his music.”

Master of Jam V was a new beginning  to a career that had stood the test of time and now with a renewed focus and dedication Vilante is destine to continue his success in years to come.

Edited by:  Sam Azbey

1. Play at your own risk
2. Angel
3. Let me ride
4. Get ‘N’ groove


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