Fantasia II

Aries | Fantasia Volume II

This C.D has an ineffable Melodic tonality that suspends the mind through a medium in which we call Fantasy. The up-tempo beats underlying the progressions in the music are perfectly blended in unison. Track 3 called Mom simply brought tears to my eyes. Aries has a unique way of creating this Ambience that is evanescent and yet leaving a long lasting impression which mollifies the mood. I listened to his first C.D called Fantasia which was impressive. And now with Volume II, it affirms that he is not just a flash in a pan. Once you assimilate his music, you’ll know what I am talking about. Fantasia is not your typical mundane music but an excellent rhythm effect.

Edited by Corey Harrison

1. Arabian nights
2. Don’t want to feel
3. Mom
4. Other side of time
5. Trinity
6. Why me


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