Don’t Stop the Music

Julian Vilante Don't Stop the Music Now a days pop music is mainly created by people who sit in front of a machine following restricted musical formulas with some attempt of creativity and experimentation. Today’s … [Read more...]

Julian Vilante – Master of Jam VII

Julian Vilante Master of Jam VII Few months ago when it was announced that Julian Vilante was in Belgium working on the Master Of Jam Part VII (MOJ VII), everyone who is a fan marked their calendars for the release … [Read more...]

Master of Jam VI reaches Top 20 most requested tracks

        It wasn't long ago that I attended the international music conference in Austria, where I met over hundred DJs from all over the world during this three day convention. It was an incredible experience to meet … [Read more...]

MOJ: Crying In The Dark

Listen to: Crying In The Dark Master of Jam Part IV Julian Vilante's diversity in music and cross over appeal to different styles has earned him the name, "Master Of Jam. Julian has pushed the limits to new boundaries by combining different … [Read more...]

Fantasia II

This C.D has an ineffable Melodic tonality that suspends the mind through a medium in which we call Fantasy. The up-tempo beats underlying the progressions in the music are perfectly blended in unison. Track 3 called Mom simply brought tears to my … [Read more...]

Cyco – S.O.S

  … [Read more...]

MOJ: “You Treat Me Bad”

"You Treat Me Bad" Julian Vilante: some people call him Julie cool, some people call him Mr. Vilante, and some people call him... The Master. However, we on the west coast call him the “Baddest Mutha Nutha” On Two Feet, and he takes that as a … [Read more...]