Master of Jam VI reaches Top 20 most requested tracks





It wasn’t long ago that I attended the international music conference in Austria, where I met over hundred DJs from all over the world during this three day convention. It was an incredible experience to meet the most respected people in the music business from all over the globe.
My main goal for attending this year was to get a feel for the latest music trend in other countries and to see who are some of the upcoming artists in pop and dance culture.
To my pleasant surprise, one of the artists that was mentioned by those who I had the chance to mingle with was Julian Vilante, AKA, “Master of Jam.“  Except, he was not referred to with his usual nick name ,MOJ,which threw me off at first.  He had gained a new nickname among those who have been following his career, and to those who are getting newly acquainted with his music.  They referred to him as the “Lord of Underground.” As my curiosity got the better of me, I could not resist to begin investigating as to why suddenly he had become such a powerful figure in the underground world.  Interestingly, I found out that although MOJ still exists in the eyes of most fans, his following  and fan base have turn into a “Cult.”  This underground movement which apparently had begun few years ago consist of dedicated fans and DJs who are committed in promoting his music in the underground arenas.  There are variety of remixes produced by various DJs of his new release ,Master of Jam VI, which recently became the most requested tracks on the internet radio.
As one DJ explained to me, he is the master of his craft which earned him the nickname “MOJ”, but the influence of his music throughout the world is far more reaching in to the dungeons of underground world.