Other side of time-Fantasia II- 720p HD

Other side of time-Fantasia II- 720p HD Coming Soon Fantasia III … [Read more...]

AGuy Called Cyco

So there was this Night Walker who was a bit smitten by the affection given by his prey. Upon more in depth revelation, he discovers that the acclaimed affection was actually more of a Lust for Death by an aggressive Human Vixen. Their first and … [Read more...]

MOJ: “You Treat Me Bad”

"You Treat Me Bad" Julian Vilante: some people call him Julie cool, some people call him Mr. Vilante, and some people call him... The Master. However, we on the west coast call him the “Baddest Mutha Nutha” On Two Feet, and he takes that as a … [Read more...]

Global-1-Entertainment theme video

Set your youtube video setting to Watch in 720P HD … [Read more...]