Julian Vilante – Master of Jam VII

Julian Vilante

Master of Jam VII

Few months ago when it was announced that Julian Vilante was in Belgium working on the Master Of Jam Part VII (MOJ VII), everyone who is a fan marked their calendars for the release date. Given the success of previous release, MOJ VI, and its popularity among international Djs, the task to deliver yet another chart topper was going to be difficult. However, this proved not to be the case. The global feedback so far has been very positive, and the reviews in various publishing outlets are raving about it. This four track Extended Play (EP) release starts out with what many people are calling the “Hit Song” in “Flynamic.” This high energy, supersonic, high flying track is captivating and expressive. Vilante uses his imagination and creative talent to take the audience for a supersonic journey. The production and tonal mix is a master piece, to say the least. This is one of Vilante’s trademarks where few artists/producers are able to emulate, and that is blending tonal melodies in a unique fashion that captures the attention of the audience and gets them hooked. The second track “Can I ?” is an acoustical treat that will surely deliver a teary eye to those who ever had a broken heart. So, for all you lovers out there who once were in love, or going to fall in love, this track is for you. The Third and fourth tracks are the new mix of the hit song “Fresh” by Cool & the Gang. In these two tracks, Vilante masterfully blends acoustical melody infused with new age sounds giving the old hit a new life. Both tracks are already getting substantial Club, and internet radio rotation.

Master of Jam VII delivers the dynamic energy and the hit potential we all have come to expect from Julian Vilante. This is a testament to his unique ability to deliver hit after hit by combining today’s music with old school flavor.

MOJ- VII cd cover 5-18-14