Don’t Stop the Music

Julian Vilante Don't Stop the Music Now a days pop music is mainly created by people who sit in front of a machine following restricted musical formulas with some attempt of creativity and experimentation. Today’s … [Read more...]

Julian Vilante – Master of Jam VII

Julian Vilante Master of Jam VII Few months ago when it was announced that Julian Vilante was in Belgium working on the Master Of Jam Part VII (MOJ VII), everyone who is a fan marked their calendars for the release … [Read more...]

Master of Jam VI reaches Top 20 most requested tracks

        It wasn't long ago that I attended the international music conference in Austria, where I met over hundred DJs from all over the world during this three day convention. It was an incredible experience to meet … [Read more...]

Tracks from S.O.S.

          Sinister Black Blind Head cutting it off anteater no reply going down s.o.s it’s only me feel the reign nothing funny roses stay awake twice 2 … [Read more...]

Master of Jam Part I

Fresh of a major underground club hit “Crying in the dark” and “ I’ll think of you”, which by many is simply referred to as the “Anthem”,  Vilante followed up with another release titled “Master of Jam” (MOJ). In this release Vilante broadened his … [Read more...]

Master of Jam III

The Vilante Legacy continues with this release, Master Of Jam Part III. In this follow up to Master Of Jam Part II, Vilante not only breaks into the Top 40 music category, he also adds a new dimension to HIP-HOP, Freestyle, and House giving the … [Read more...]

Master Of Jam Part V

After the huge success of his Previous releases, Vilante took a break from touring and went back to resetting mode as he puts it. “ I just wanted to get away from everything for a while and press the reset button. Over the years my body and my mind … [Read more...]

Master of Jam Part II

             By the success of Master of Jam part I,  the road for Part II was already paved and shortly after winding down from promoting his release, Vilante headed back to the studio to prepare for what was going to be a life as well as a … [Read more...]

Legends in the making

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              … [Read more...]

The Master of Jam Leads the Scene

He's hip cool and ready to charge onto the scene. "Funk is fun, and it's a state of mind," George Clinton once said. "But it's also all the ramifications of that state of mind." With this observation, one of funk's inventors sought to free the … [Read more...]