Master of Jam Part I

Fresh of a major underground club hit “Crying in the dark” and “ I’ll think of you”, which by many is simply referred to as the “Anthem”,  Vilante followed up with another release titled “Master of Jam” (MOJ). In this release Vilante broadened his creativity by combining melodic under tone over rap lyrics. Collaborating with Cyco, the dynamic duo exploded on to the L.A music scene with their unique blend of dance, techno, house and industrial sound mixed with wicked beats which at the time  was unheard of.

Little they knew that their relationship would blossom into many years of collaboration on numerous follow up projects (i.e., MOJ series) which produced hit after hit. Case in point, on their first collaboration Julian recalls meeting Cyco in the studio for the first time. “I asked my record company for a creative recording engineer/ producer. I wanted to add more flavor to my music by expanding my boundaries, which I had become accustomed to.”  Well, Cyco was just what the doctor ordered and the two hit it off right away. Their first project together “you treat me bad”, “This ain’t funky, this ain’t dope” went viral. In that time music videos were not as effective as they are now. Majority of artists got their exposure from airplays in the clubs, college and radio shows.  Given the limited access to the broadcasting channels, it did not stop the release from becoming another underground hit from the get go. Soon after, the radio and other  multimedia outlet picked up the buzz and it quickly  became the fan favorite among the dance D.Js.
Edited by Tory Smith

1. This ain’t funky
2. This ain’t funky (acid house mix)
3. This ain’t funky (Miami mix)
4. You treat me bad
5. You treat me bad (acid house mix)
6. You treat me bad(Instrumental)


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