Master of Jam VI


Master of Jam VI delivers!

Once again, true to his form, MOJ VI delivers a bass thumpin.., ass shakin.., ear drum poppin.. tracks. Just when you expect him to take the slow lane after all of his success over the years, Vilante releases yet another MOJ series with four new songs. All of the tracks are worthy of mentioning, because they all have their own unique sound and texture. Again, master of his craft shows us that he still got the gift of melody and knows how to use it. Having the chance to interview him in Europe during MOJ VI production, I could tell that his enthusiasm and motivation had not subsided. He was upbeat and excited to be working with his new production team, which includes some of the well-known DJs and producers in Europe. Every release is relevant to its time and era. As an artist you mature and broaden your understanding of the world around you. This also effects your creative instinct. For those of us who follow his career over the years can attest that his music has evolved in complexity and tonality. He never stops learning and his openness to new things keeps him in the forefront of music. The fact that he is involved with different producers and talent around the world shows his willingness to try new things to achieve that unique sound that separates him from other artists.
Edited by Tory Smith

1. Midnight lover
2. One more time
3. Girl, I take my chance
4. Rock your body


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